Hello! I’m Carly Wilson and I’m thrilled that you have chosen to visit my website! My biggest love and passion in life is wildlife and my work with animals has taken me on an exciting and rewarding personal journey.

I have worked with many thousands of wild animals have discovered that the more I come to understand animals, the more I come to understand people.

This website is where I come to share with you my experiences and I hope that it can be a welcoming and friendly meeting place for other likeminded people!

I am always happy to chat with fellow wildlife lovers so feel free to keep in touch via my blog, Twitter stream or Facebook page!

Peeps – I am in the formative stages of planning a research project and corresponding film about sea turtles. I’m seeking a film maker companion(s) for help.

Anyone with underwater experience/gear would be a help. What I need most, though, are people who are passionate about ocean conservation and not afraid of ‘renegade’ film making where we don’t worry about the shots always being ‘pretty’ and just focus on the story.

I also need whoever comes on board to be fully committed to the project and in it for the long haul (because films are a long haul). Most of it will be shot in QLD and Byron so a local person would be best.