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The Bowerbird Archetype

The (Satin) Bowerbird Archetype The Belief “I want a man who is kind and understanding. Is that too much to ask of a millionaire?” ~ Zsa Zsa Gabor The Biology The Satin Bowerbird is a rainforest dwelling species common to Eastern Australia. It is named after the elaborate “bowers” that the males of the species […]

The Flying Fox Archetype

Part two of my exploration into animal archetypes. The Belief “Who needs great love when you have great lovers” The Biology The flying fox is a large species of fruit bat with a head that resembles a fox. They are believed to be descended from primates and of Australian animals, are the species most closely […]

free love in the animal kingdom

Like most women I have a keen interest in trying to understanding the dynamics of romantic relationships. I have never been particularly lucky in love and in trying to understand the reason for this have dedicated thousands, probably millions, of hours analysing, tearing apart, and seeking desperately to figure out what it is that makes […]