I have been a henna artist for over eleven years.  It’s a beautiful, ancient, natural art form that means so much to me.

I am available for private appointments, parties, corporate events, bridal work, and maternity henna within SE Queensland and the Northern Rivers/Tweed/Byron area.

Hennna FAQs

What is henna?

Henna is a natural body art that is made from the leaves of the henna tree and blended with essential oils to make a paste that stains the skin and can also be used as a hair dye.

I hand mix my past15111030_1278486932173580_7592103251933956100_oe which is about a twenty hour process and I also also use all organic ingredients which is fairly unique within the industry. I also hand roll my applicator device and hand apply the patterns.  It is important to work with henna artists that hand mix their own paste because there are a lot of imported henna products on the market that are blended with toxic compounds which can lead to serious reactions and scarring.  See the section below, “is it safe?” for more information.  Rest assured, 100% pure henna is completely safe!

Henna is applied as a dark green/black paste which is left on for several hours and then scraped off.  Once the paste is removed, you will discover the henna has stained the skin in a sienna hue which develops/deepens over the next 24 hours and then slowly fades away over about a week and a half.

stainpics-2Henna is an ancient art form that pre-dates the Egyptian age.  As well as being beautiful, it has the medicinal quality of being very cooling.  Many people believe henna developed as an art form after originally being used to cool the body.  A blob of crushed up henna leaves combined with water to form a paste pulls heat out of the body very effectively especially when applied to the major nerve centres like the palms of the hands and soles of the feet.  Not surprising, it is in these locations that henna is usually applied in traditional cultures.  Henna also stains these areas the best (i.e. the darkest) because the skin is thicker there.   Henna is certainly a very interesting plant!

How long does it last?

Between 1 and 2 weeks.  I will provide you with after care information before you leave with some simple advice for how to best maintain your design.

Can I get it anywhere?hennaheart

Yes, but the hands and feet stain the deepest and darkest.

Is it safe?

Natural henna (which I use and mix by hand) is very safe but there are a lot of other “artists” who use boyhennasomething that is often called “black henna” or “instant henna”.  These products are actually not henna at all and can cause nasty reactions, scar the skin, and serious cause lifelong health complications.  I see a lot of people coming back from holidays in Thailand and Bali with Black Henna and often they have had bad reactions.  You really do need to be careful.

Ethical, natural henna artists will always be happy to tell you their recipes which should only be combinations of natural henna powder, lemon juice, tea, and essential oils.  And they should also always re15134045_10105782036015378_658286229_ocommend you keep the paste on for several hours.  If an artist says you only need to keep it on for 10 minutes or some other short period of time, be very wary.   Some “Black Henna” or “Instant Henna” artists use products that stain the skin brown or red so don’t think that it’s safe just because it stains the skin in brown or red.  Here is some more info on “Black Henna” if you are curious or concerned.

Private Appointments and parties

To book or make an enquiry, please send me an email or contact me by phone on 0411 892 761.  Text messages are fine if that is easier.


15065128_10105782034213988_507484923_oI am at the Palm Beach farmers market every Saturday morning from 6am to 11:30am.  Come say hello 🙂  It’s a great market, too!

Social Media

Keep up to speed on what’s I have going on through social media!  I sometimes offer free henna promotions and discounts through the Mermaid Henna Instagram page and the Mermaid Henna Facebook page.   There are also more photos of my work on my social media pages!